Husk Signs CMS
Fetter Properties Management Inc. has long been aware of the needs for a business to keep up with the changing trends or get left behind. For that reason we made a conscious decision to move more into electronic advertisements for our clients. We had upgraded and expanded our web page but we needed more. Kip Husk then approached us with a unique opportunity to purchase a new larger sign with an electronic message board. With our office located right along the Lloyd Expressway, at 18 S. Congress Avenue, Kip offered the perfect solution. He even had a plan to help finance the sign and offered to release me from the contranct if I wasn't satisfied. At first I was skeptical of this "too good to be true" offer but found that, indeed, it was true. Husk signs took care of every aspect from the permitting process to helping us learn the  software. It was one of the least painful and more enjoyable business experiences that I
have had.

Thank you Husk Signs. Great job