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We are opening an office in owensboro in the next 30 days or so.
Could be sooner if we get the lease back earlier.
For confirmation... We are working with Bill Baron (copied above) on an office just off the bypass and Frederica. We have also built a Watchfire brand Electronic message center for Bill.
We are also members of the Owensboro Chamber of Commerce and have been for several years. We have installed many electronic Message centers (EMCs ) in your area and hundreds all over the country.
We have employees that live in Owensboro as well.
We currently own billboards and pay taxes in Kentucky.
Please feel free to ask Bill Baron, Gavin Roberts, (I believe is a board member of RPC) Dave Appleby, Matt Hayden, Charlie Cammuf, Larry or Rosemary Conder (creme Coffee house) Malcomb Bryant, or any others we have worked with in the past ,of our history with Owensboro and the type of business we operate.
Also feel free to visit our website www.husksigns.com<http://www.husksigns.com> to familiarize yourself with our company, and our history . You can give me a call, on my mobile 812-454-6500 ,or I will be happy to meet you at any time in Owensboro at your convenience.

We would recommend an approx 4' x8' Watchfire Brand 16mm or 19mm sign.
I would also recommend the bids be in earlier as it takes approx 6 weeks to build the EMCs.
Then install needs time (approx 3-4 days lead time), in case if bad weather.
We are recommending the Watchfire brand as this is what we are installing on 2nd st.
The same training and software can be used and will save you money.
We have added our 3% quantity discount as well.
I would commend this being in the lower of the 2 slots you have depicted.
Please let me know your thoughts.