Husk Signs CMS

I’m working with Travis Estes at RPC in Owensboro.  I represent the organization that has requested bids for another electronic sign at RPC.

In the event Husk Sign is the lowest bidder, we are still having to deal with you competitors in Owensboro who feel they should receive special consideration over out-side Owensboro businesses and I am trying to gather as much ammunition as possible to be able to defend our decision to go with Husk in the event you submit the lowest bid.

It was my understanding that the size would 4’ x 6’.

1)       Is that the size (4’  x 6’)you would recommend for the area?
2)       Would you recommend that the sign be placed in the area above the square window or below the square window? (see picture below)
3)       Are there any special prices on other size signs that would meet our needs?
4)       We are a 501 c 3 non-profit.  Would we qualify for any discounts from Husk Signs?
5)       Because the RPC has purchased two other electronic signs from you for installation in the next several weeks, would we be able to qualify for a “multiple purchase” discount?
6)       Are there any other grants or trade-outs that would help to lower the cost?

We appreciate your help.